Everyday millions of times doors knocked in the UK by Traders, Charity workers, Care takers, Health Visitors, Nurses, Council Officers, Utility company workers, Police etc.  On an average 17,000 doorstep crimes are reported and 65% doorstep scam and crimes are targeted 65+ aged people. On an average a victim loses £2500[1]. Doorstep crimes are committed by rogue traders and bogus officers posing as police officers, council officers etc[2].

Identiteye® is a ground-breaking identity verification system to verify the identity of visitors at residents’ doorsteps.  It allows every resident including elderly people free from fear at their doorstep.   Identiteye® uses innovative cloud based artificial intelligence and IoT connected devices.  It brings end to end identity verification software solution using state of the art communication technologies and encryption algorithms. 

Use case scenario – care worker

In Social Care services, there are 1.3 million adult social care workers[3] involve in directly providing care. These care workers directly visit people who need the care.  Often the people who needs care requires assistive technologies.  As there is different care worker at every time, there is a need of a system to identify authenticity and authorisation of the care worker.

Value Proposition

  1. Security & Safety in case of stranger visits - Identiteye® solution facilitates identity verification.
  2. Support to remember previous visitors including friends and relatives to avoid any embarrassment. It helps particularly for elderly people who are suffering from dementia.
  3. Stability & Prevention of monetary loss. Reduction of door step crimes.
  4. Social interaction: As older people will be free from fear; they tend to interact with doorstep callers it will lead them to have more social interaction.


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